Client’s Reviews

September 2017

To Potential Clients of Private Suite Home Care Agency:

I highly recommend Nadine Lollie of Private Suite Home Care Agency as a service provider for your loved one.

Nadine helped me as I searched for solutions to support my mother who, at the time, was diagnosed with cancer and demonstrating signs of moderate dementia. It was a very challenging time.

Nadine has been a nurse for over 25 years. As a result, she has a depth of medical knowledge to understand the different aspects of a person’s daily environment could impact my mother’s health. She let me know which things to have my mother avoid so they would not interact with her chemotherapy medication. And she provided balanced perspective of when I should be concerned about behavior or symptoms versus when things were normal.

Additionally, I trusted my mother being in Nadine’s care. She has a special gift for making people feel seen and valued. Nadine talked to my mother with dignity and grace. She connected with my mother on music and other things she could remember. I have to believe that some of her compassion comes from caring for her own mother for many years, in addition to the hundreds of patients she has supported.

You will receive trusted, responsible, knowledgeable and compassion service from Nadine Lollie. She keeps her word.

Sheniqua Little
Sheniqua Little, Ph.D.
Caretaker of Aging Parent